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Individual Coaching & Mentoring

 Individual Coaching & Mentoring My joy is to engage with people in connecting conversations that help shape and co-construct meaningful narratives that focus on integrating the best of Western research science, philosophy and educational theory with the transformative power of music, play, the art of improvisation and all its emerging qualities, and Eastern spirituality, non-duality and mysticism.

In the coaching and mentoring conversations I help people align with their natural talent, their power and potential, set personal and professional goals that they meet, equip them with tools for awakening to the possibilities that play and effortless effort can bring in their profession, craft and activities, and help them create optimal conditions for success, healing and relaxation. 

I hold a MA in music from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands and have been the CEO of the co-founded corporate creative learning company Art in Rhythm for 15 years. I am currently working on a social science Masters degree at the Lesi University in The Netherlands and teach, coach and mentor international students and peers at various conservatoires and universities in Europe.  

Individual conversations can be held in any ‘live’ setting in any place of choice as well as via Skype or telephone. In addition to individual sessions, I offer group programs as well. E-mail for a consultation.

For musicians special focus can been given to the integration of various meditation and Mindfulness techniques as well as Kenny Werner’s “effortless Mastery” methodology in one’s daily practice routine and performance. 

All sessions are a maximum of 90 minutes. All sessions are offered as a gift. You can determine the value - in relation to how you have been benefited and the value it has for you - and decide to return the gift and by making a donation (through the website). 

A donation is not the same as an obligatory payment. Inspired by the work of Charles Eissenstein I have decided to integrate his suggestions in organising our social transitionary giving/receiving processes in a way that fits the aesthetics and 2meaning of my work in our present fast transforming times in which many old narratives - especially the story of money - are being questioned, let go off, and renewed. 

To use Eissenstein’s words: “It is something that speaks to me deeply though; both for myself and for our civilization, our maps and guidance systems are so conditioned by the old story that they cannot take us anywhere we haven't visited before. We need to let go. We need to get lost.” 

[Let’s get lost in the jazz of unknowing. Let’s play. Let’s create better stories. Let’s party. We’re all invited, none are excluded.] 

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