Marc van Roon


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 Concerts My joy is to engage with people in connecting conversations that help shape and co-construct meaningful narratives that focus on integrating the best of Western research science, philosophy and educational theory with the transformative power of music, play, the art of improvisation and all its emerging qualities, and Eastern spirituality, non-duality and mysticism.

A central theme in my concerts and performances is the art of improvisation, the optimal experience of flow and the magic of synchronizing and aligning the heartbeats of players and audience. 

Performances can be booked for:

Marc van Roon Solo Piano concert
Marc van Roon Trio
European Jazz Trio
Duo Tineke Postma / Marc van Roon
Tineke Postma Quartet
Ack van Rooyen / Jeroen Manders Quintet

All performances can be held in any ‘live’ setting in any place of choice as well as via Skype or internet. 
E-mail for a consultation.

Previous concerts and venues include:  the Sapporo Concert Hall, Suntory Hall and Bunkyo Civic Concert Hall in Tokyo, The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the National Concert Hall in Taipei City inTaiwan, and the Seoul Arts Center in South Korea. The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, The Zinc Bar and Shape Shifter’s Lab in New York. North Sea Jazz Festival in The Netherlands, The Umea Jazz Festival, Tokyo Jazz Festival, and many others. 


Marc van Roon / Marc van Roon Trio

European Jazz Trio