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EJT concerts in Tokyo and Osaka

EJT concerts in Tokyo and Osaka EJT (European Jazz Trio) of which I am a member since 1995, will perform special concerts in Tokyo and Osaka on 13 and 14 December this month. 

Performance & Communication Intensive at KMH Stockholm

Performance & Communication Intensive at KMH Stockholm On 8-10 December I am invited at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) to lead an intensive course in 'Performance & Communication'.  


SHELL SESSION Today I received some photo's of the session I ran last week for the Leading the Delivery of Sustainable Value sesion for Shell International - great reminder of an inspiring session. 
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'Before After' by PNB in Seattle, USA

Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) will perform 'Before After' (Choreography Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, music Marc van Roon) Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Seattle, WA, USA, between Nov. 7–16, 2014.

NAIP introduction course Iceland

NAIP introduction course Iceland I just came back from the NAIP Introductory Course 2014 in Stykkishólmur, Iceland. I was there to teach and mentor the new students. NAIP is the abbreviation for “New Audiences and Innovative Practice”, a European Music Master programme. 

Marc van Roon Trio at the Concertgebouw

Marc van Roon Trio at the Concertgebouw The new Marc van Roon trio performed on 29 August at the Koorzaal at the Concertgebouw (Hall) in Amsterdam. With Clemens van der Feen on bass and Tristan Renfrow replacing drummer Martijn Vink. 



My story begins in The Hague where I was born into a creative family of musicians, sculptors and ballet choreographers on the exact same day on which the famous Miles Davis quintet performed at the Tivolis Concertsal in Copenhagen and two years before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first two people to land on the lunar surface. With the inspirational example of my father’s jazzy piano playing in the house, and the guidance of some inspiring teachers, I ...
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My interest in jazz and improvisation was sparked at a young age by my father, a professional jazz pianist himself, and I began classical piano lessons at the age of ten. I studied music privately until the age of sixteen when I enrolled in the music program at the Royal Music Conservatory in The Hague, The Netherlands. I studied with pianists Frans Elsen, Rob van Kreeveld, Geoffrey Douglas Madge and Lanny Kho. I graduated in 1991 and left for a ...
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Leadership Development

Ever-since joining forces with the Shell International creativity and change management programmes in 1993 with the co-founded group ‘Art in Rhythm’ I have been actively involved in the domain of corporate leadership development and the transformation of corporate cultures. I have been invited to bring jazz to numerous companies and corporations world-wide. The creative learning programmes I have developed over the years are embedded in the context of institutions in economic, educational and organisational domains in search for ways to ...
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Quantum Stories - Marc van Roon trio

Quantum Stories - Marc van Roon trio

"This album is inspired by the stories that create meaning in our lives. The stories we passionately co-construct that enable us to find our pathways through the excitingly swampy and complex wetlands of our reality, the stories that transform and represent our life experiences. This trio explores the rich world and ... Buy

En blanc et noir #10

En blanc et noir #10 Marc Van Roon, Tony Overwater, Wim Kegel, Eric Vloeimans Once jazz was regarded as solely the domain of American musicians, despite the presence of worthy European players beginning with Django Reinhardt. ... Buy

Tineke Postma - The Dawn Of Light

Tineke Postma - The Dawn Of Light She belongs to the 'crème de la crème' of the Dutch jazz scene and Challenge Records is very happy to be able to work with her: saxophoneplayer Tineke Postma. The ... Buy




Annabelle Lopez Ochoa’s "Before After," a duet that portrays the end of a relationship through contemporary movement, is being presented by the company for the first time at the Pillow. It is set to music by Marc van Roon, intersected with recorded fragments of intermittent speech that refers to the changing of traffic lights. "I like the way it has equal levels of strength and vulnerability," said Boal. "You don’t know who has the upper hand."

By Richard Houdek
before after - Berkshire Eagle mention
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12 January 2015


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17 December 2014


Marc van Roon shared The Spirit of Turtle's photo.
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Upcoming projects

SHELL international, THE HAGUE

Date: 24 March 2015
Score & Core: "The Art of Orchestration & Jazz". Closed corporate leadership presentation for Shell International.
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Paradox, Tilburg

Date: 01 May 2015
Tineke Postma Quartet live in Paradox, Tilburg, The Netherlands.
Tineke Postma altsax sopraansax, Marc van Roon piano, Frans van der Hoeven bas, Martijn Vink drums
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Casino (Open-Air), Wittlich

Date: 27 June 2015
Tineke Postma Quartett "Woman in Jazz", Jazz Club Wittlich, Germany
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SHELL international, THE HAGUE

Date: 03 November 2015
Score & Core: "The Art of Orchestration & Jazz". Closed corporate leadership presentation for Shell International.
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