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Marc van Roon: Inventions & Variations

Review by Mark Werlin - January 3, 2017

Classical listeners will appreciate the thoughtful treatment of Bach's themes, and jazz listeners with open ears will enjoy the skillful work of an accomplished modern pianist in this inventive set of new music.

The presentation of 18th-century forms in a modern context can illuminate the long path of development of newer music—the piano preludes of Shostakovich are one example. But recording an album of spontaneous jazz improvisations inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach's keyboard music is a risky proposition. In decades past, baroque and early classical music was reinterpreted with varying degrees of success by the Swingle Singers, the Jacques Loussier Trio, and the pianist and radio host Marian McPartland, whose Bach-inspired contrapuntal arrangement of Jerome Kern's "All the Things You Are" was an audience favorite. The artistic risk lies in the possibility that a hybrid of ancient themes and modern forms may fail to bridge the distance that separates them. 

Pianist-composer Marc van Roon builds such a bridge on the strong foundations of conservatory studies and considerable experience of jazz improvisation and composing. "Inventions & Variations" presents a rewarding journey to Bach lovers and jazz aficionados alike.

The keyboard works of J.S. Bach, his English and French Suites, Well-Tempered Klavier and keyboard concertos, course through the fingers of many contemporary jazz pianists. But does that music lend itself to jazz interpretation? Pianist Marc van Roon has something different in mind. More than half of the pieces in the set bear little resemblance to themes or forms of Bach. In the liner notes van Roon explains: 

"I have labeled those improvisations that are closer to the text and score as variations and those improvisations that emerge more spontaneously… as inventions." 

In his "inventions" Van Roon is creating new European jazz with a greater than usual acknowledgment of historical antecedents—and not all of those antecedent composers lived in the 18th century.

Track 13, invention eight, played almost entirely as sustained block chords, shifts total centers freely, more Second Vienna School than Collegium Musicum Leipzig. Track 15, invention nine, draws on the harmonic language of Debussy and Messiaen and incorporates a climactic phrase that recalls the opening movement cadenza of Prokofiev's second piano concerto. 

The Bach-inspired variations do artistic justice both to the old maestro and his modern disciple. In contrast to French clarinetist Louis Sclavis, who intentionally performed acts of 'violence' on themes of Bach's contemporary Jean-Phillipe Rameau ("Les Violences de Rameau" ECM 1996), van Roon doesn't treat the material as grist for aggressive deconstruction, but more as a point of departure for thoughtful and meditative discourses. He doesn't overly linger on familiar themes before developing his personal variations.

Marc van Roon performs on a 1925 Steinway that has been in his family's care for more than a half century. This piano has a warm tone that is well suited to the baroque-inflected variations and to the modernistic inventions.

Producer-engineer Bert van der Wolf, known for his recordings of classical music on the Challenge Classics label, brings the same technical skill and aesthetic judgment to his recordings of contemporary jazz music. "Inventions and Variations" was recorded at a favorite site, Evangelisch Lutherse Kerk Haarlem in the Netherlands. The same location was used for Marc Van Roon's previous record with his trio, Marc van Roon Trio: Quantum Stories, and the remarkable Tony Overwater Trio: Jungle Boldie. Presentation of the piano is neither too close nor too far, and clearly situated in a real acoustic space with a three-dimensional quality that DSD recording technology brings to home listening.

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Raad van Toezicht de Muzen

I am happy to share the news that I am part of the Supervisory Board of the Muzen in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. The Muzen is a multidisciplinary arts institute with an inspiring learning environment for music lovers of all ages.


Kennedy Center Honors Gala Washington

Three years ago, Tineke was invited to play with this incredible group to honour Wayne Shorter during the Kennedy Center Honors Gala 2018. This was epic!

CCHN Montreux

It was so inspiring to conduct my arts based social intervention for Centre of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation (CCHN) again. With a wonderful international group of frontline negotiators I zoomed in on self-care topics at the magical Caux Palace Hotel high up in the Swiss Alps.

Tineke Postma Inventions Group Tour

Starting on September 18 I will join Tineke Postma's Inventions Group for a series of concerts. Tineke composed new compositions by assignment of the Bimhuis Amsterdam. The amazing ensemble consists of Tineke Postma, Miles Okazaki, Sun Mi Hong, Fuensanta Méndez and Jeroen Vierdag. 

9 Million plus plays on Spotify !

7 million plays on Spotify for European Jazz Trio's 'Sad Song'.

Council for Culture committee

Today, 21 January 2020, the Dutch minister of Culture, I.K. van Engelshoven, has published the members of the Coucil for Culture. I have been invited to become a member of the committee music ensembles. 


EJT in Japan and Korea

EJT - European Jazz Trio performed concerts in South Korea and Japan en met with the gouvernor of the Saga Prefecture, Japan. 

Obtained my MSc degree!

This week, I earned my MSc master's degree in social science - social interventiosn from the LESI institute.

IMD Lausanne, SHELL, GLA London, Association of Chinese Investment Enterprises

Last month: Music Labs for IMD, SHELL, Global Leaders Academy London, Association of Chine Investment Enterprises.


I attended the ICON conference from 08 April 2017- 12 April 2017, Kallio-Kuninkala, Finland. 

inspiring CD review in Jazzenzo jazz magazine

by Cyriel Pluimakers
19-01-2017 CD review by Mark Werlin

Here is a link to the review that Mark Werlin wrote about my CD Inventions & Variations.



So great to reconnect with MCE in Brussels and run a Music Lab program at the #MCE55 event and conference.

Inspiration day for de Rechtspraak

Some photo's of the keynote opening that Hein Dijksterhuis and I did for the participants of the inspiration day for leadership for the Council of the Judiciary (de Rechtspraak). 


MUSIC LABS new brochure & article by Henk-Jan Hoefman

MUSIC LABS new brochure & article by Henk-Jan Hoefman

update: Projects fall 2016

Inspiring music projects for the fall 2016: Tineke Postma/Fredrik Köster, Greg Osby Quartet. Music Labs for MCE Brussels and several organisations in The Nethelands. Teaching at PCC/NAIP. 

New CD: Inventions & Variations

New CD Inventions & Variations has been released. 

Art & Spirituality day

Wonderful interview by brother Wim Verschuren at the Art & Spirituality day at the Zin centre in Vught, The Netherlands.


Great review & article on my Quantum Stories CD

I recently received this wonderful review and article by Mark Werlin - November 29, 2015, on the Marc van Roon Trio cd "Quantum Stories'. A must read! 

Upcoming Keynotes and presentations 2016

Upcoming keynote speeches and presentations planned for 2016

Radio 6 Boy Edgar Award Concert

The Radio 6 broadcast of the concerts at the Tineke Postma Boy Edgar concert on Wednesday 9 December.

Inspiration Day: Art and Spirituality

Inspiration Day: Art and Spirituality on 12 January 2016 at Kloosterhotel Zin in Werk in Vught, The Netherlands. 

Charles Eisenstein post

Amazing post by Charles Eisenstein. What We Do to Nature, We Do to Ourselves. I love it. A must read!

Sold Out Concert Tineke Postma Boy Edgar award 2015

The special concert for tomorrow, December 9 2015, is sold out at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

Edison nomination for Sonic Halo

Tineke Postma & Greg Osby CD 'Sonic Halo' has been nominated for the Edison 2015 award!

Concerts with Ack van Rooyen

Coming weekend I will perform with the lengedary Dutch Bugel player Ack van Rooyen and the Jeroen Manders Quintet in Germany. 

Tineke Postma awarded with Boy Edgar price 2015

The Buma Boy Edgarprijs, the most important Dutch prize for jazz and improvised music, has been awarded to saxophonist, composer and band leader Tineke Postma. As part of the prize, Postma will curate a concert night at the Bimhuis on December 9, 2015. During that occasion she will be presented with the award, consisting of a sum of €12,500 and a sculpture made by Jan Wolkers.

Edutopia 2015

I will present my 'Score & Core' inspiration seminar at the Edutopia 2015 conference on June 12. The conference focusses on the future of education and especially on the emerging the role(s) of the teacher and the school in modern day education. 


Wim Kegel's CD 'Drumwise' (drum/piano duets with me) will be released Sunday May 10 at MCO, Hilversum, during a special duo concert. 
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Remake 'A Great Day in Harlem'

Remake 'A Great Day in Harlem' by photographer Merlijn Doomernik.

North Sea Jazz 2015

Just announced: Together with Ack van Rooyen, Jeroen Manders, Wim Kegel and Eric Robaard I will perform at the 40th edition of the North Sea Jzz festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on Saturday 11 July. 

Best Jazz Album 2014

Best Jazz Album 2014 in LA Times for 'Sonic Halo' & Down Beat review

EJT concerts in Tokyo and Osaka

EJT (European Jazz Trio) of which I am a member since 1995, will perform special concerts in Tokyo and Osaka on 13 and 14 December this month. 

Performance & Communication Intensive at KMH Stockholm

On 8-10 December I am invited at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (KMH) to lead an intensive course in 'Performance & Communication'.  


Today I received some photo's of the session I ran last week for the Leading the Delivery of Sustainable Value sesion for Shell International - great reminder of an inspiring session. 

'Before After' by PNB in Seattle, USA

Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) will perform 'Before After' (Choreography Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, music Marc van Roon) Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Seattle, WA, USA, between Nov. 7–16, 2014.

Marc van Roon Trio at the Concertgebouw

The new Marc van Roon trio performed on 29 August at the Koorzaal at the Concertgebouw (Hall) in Amsterdam. With Clemens van der Feen on bass and Tristan Renfrow replacing drummer Martijn Vink. 

Concert photos online

Photos from the concert at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival now on the facebook.


Sonic Halo pre-release at North Sea Jazz 2014

Sonic Halo, the CD project by Tineke Postma and Greg Osby has been pre-released at the North Sea Jazz Festivl 2014. I have been responsable for the creative production and sound design. Great to be producing again!

Review in MM Jazz June 2014

Quantum Stories review in Korean Jazz Magazine MM Jazz June 2014!

LESI study trip to Romania

From 18-24 May 2014 I was part of a study group in Cluj-Napoca in Romania. With the group I lived and worked in the small Roma village near the garbage belt of the Cluj-Napoca town. 


Marc van Roon / Marc van Roon Trio

European Jazz Trio